Bonnie used to be a regular dog. She was peacefully living a normal life. Now she’s an online sensation.

That is thanks to a viral video. The video was originally posted to Reddit by Bonnie’s owner. It involves the dog stealing her human’s GoPro.

Well, Bonnie did not run away with the GoPro per se. She ran away with her owner’s Frisbee. But the Frisbee had a GoPro attached to it.

Bonnie’s mischief leads to an epic chase scene. All the while, the GoPro was recording the action-packed encounter. Bonnie gave her human and canine housemates sufficient exercise.

We only see half of Bonnie’s head as she naughtily navigates her owner’s property. The excitement in the dog’s eyes is undeniable. She’s obviously having the time of her life.

Meanwhile, Bonnie’s humans look terribly afraid while chasing the dog. They’re probably shaken by what could happen to their GoPro. It’s not a cheap gadget after all.

The only reason we have a GoPro… from Zoomies

This epic chase scene teaches us two things about Bonnie. The first is that this dog runs fast. She should definitely join the canine version of the Olympics.

The second thing we learn about Bonnie is that she probably aspires to become a filmmaker one day. And she’s good at it, too. Bonnie knows how to capture engaging footage.

Bonnie’s brand of cinema has already captured the imagination of Reddit users. After impressing the world of Reddit, the video made the rounds in more mainstream platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. It’s only a matter of time before Bonnie gets a call from Martin Scorsese or Quentin Tarantino.

We are hoping that Bonnie’s filmmaking career prospers. We can’t wait for this canine auteur’s next project. It would be nice to see something more laidback and Terrence Malickesque from Bonnie’s sophomore film.

Also, she should definitely ditch her GoPro. It would suit her well to transition to a more professional gadget.

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