Sometimes trauma leaves pain in the mind that takes a while to heal. This is what happened to a stray dog named Noori, whose sleep gets disturbed night and day because of ugly memories that wouldn’t go away.

A woman found Noori abandoned in a parking lot. She went to him and fed him several times until he eventually followed her home. The young woman couldn’t close her doors to the stray pup because she saw that he had a deep wound near his belly.

Pitying the dog, she provided temporary shelter for him and gave him a blanket where he can sleep. The woman noticed Noori’s body was also trembling.

What the woman found most disturbing was that Noori couldn’t sleep. When he felt tired, he would try to sleep, but a few moments after sleeping, he would literally cry and wake up. Because of this, Noori was significantly deprived of sleep.

The young woman sought help for the pup from a veterinary doctor, who gave Noori a thorough checkup. The doctor concluded Noori’s sleep disturbance was from mental causes. In other words, he suffered from traumatic memories that came to haunt him in his sleep.

The doctor also discovered Noori had measles, which caused the trembling of his body. He gave the dog treatment for measles and worked on helping him get better sleep.

The clinic gave Noori a quiet room to sleep. They also kept an indigo light on during the night. They gave him a relaxing aromatherapy massage, after which they left him alone to rest.

The new environment did wonders for Noori. He slept soundly for hours that he didn’t even notice the clinic staff going in and out of his room to check on him.

Noori was put up for adoption, and a family took him in. The doctor informed the family about the dog’s background, so they built a quiet and comfortable sleeping area just for Noori. The family also helped him do exercises to strengthen his muscles.

In just a short time since he was adopted, Noori’s health and disposition changed. As he felt secure in his new loving family’s embrace, the effects of trauma slowly left him.

Noori’s story is a reminder that humans should treat dogs kindly. They deserve nothing less than love.

Credits to Kritter Klub



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