Lily came across a frozen bird who was buried deep under the snowy ground while she was playing in her human mom’s backyard. Crystal Kelley noticed that her Yorkshire Terrier was busy digging underneath the snow, so she decided to walk closer to see what kept her dog busy.

Crystal was surprised when she saw that her dog discovered a frozen bird, and immediately thought of bringing the bird inside the house. However, Crystal’s housemates did not allow her because they have a pet cat, and they did not want to compromise the wild animal’s safety.

Crystal placed the bird inside a pail instead and covered it with a blanket to warm her up. Crystal decided to get her blow dryer and put it on a low-heat setting to make sure that she would not burn or accidentally injure the bird.

Crystal shared that it took her two hours to warm the bird up. Crystal waited patiently until the bird has managed to recover a little, and she hoped that the wild animal would survive despite what happened.

Fortunately, the bird managed to wake up, but it was still feeling weak after being frozen due to blizzard. The wild bird tried its hardest to spread its wings, but it was still gathering enough strength to move around.

Crystal showed patience and perseverance to save the little bird’s life by continuously trying to keep it warm. It took a while before the bird managed to stand on its own two feet, but it finally did after a couple of minutes.

Crystal shared that she is relieved that her dog found the bird on the snow because she would not be able to notice the bird at all if it were not for her curious fur baby. Lily did a great job of following her instincts because it helped save a bird’s life.

Source: Crystal Kelley via Youtube


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