We’d like to think that surprises always serve a purpose, and this dog’s story is one for the books! You’ll find out why in a bit.

Saved from euthanasia

The New Year came, and this dog didn’t know euthanasia’s what it’d bring on the second of January 2020.

Thankfully, that didn’t happen, all because of her new adopter. The dog’s adoptive mom says she didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary when she adopted the dog.

Imagine the adoptive mom’s surprise when the dog turned out to be pregnant! Wow, that’s one huge belly, doggo!

Can you guess how many new-year pups arrived? If you guessed one or two, you’re far from the mark. Looking at the picture below, can you make a better guess? Eight or nine puppies, maybe?

We’re happy to inform you that the brand-new mommy dog gave birth to- drum roll, please- eleven puppies! That’s right! And look how adorable they are!

The momma dog’s adoptive human says she adopted one and turned out to have a total of twelve furry pets in her care! She must have a heart of gold, and tons of patience too!

The adoptive human takes pleasure in caring for the puppies and rightfully so! We can’t get over those adorable faces and pink paws!

Knowing that the puppies need the best love and support, our adoptive human wants the best family to take care of the puppies. She says the ideal family should love the pups more than she could.

That got us right in the heart, and we couldn’t agree more! Meanwhile, our momma doggo tries to be the best momma she can to her eleven adorable pups!

Momma doggo doesn’t have milk for the pups, and her adoptive human takes over, feeding the little babies one by one.

Now that’s real dedication and spirit! We hope our litter gets adopted into the best, loving forever homes!

Image and video credits to SBS TV via YouTube


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