Every now and then, we hear a tale of miraculous survival. Stories like these are very uplifting and give hope, especially after a terrible tragedy. In a news clip below, you will hear the remarkable story of a dog named Daisy who left behind a grieving owner after a terrible storm.

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Steve Alioto and his dog Daisy, a Pit Bull, lived in a boat. But since Steve can’t afford to pay docking fees, his boat is usually anchored off the dock. The two of them are always together, the dog staying by Steve’s side wherever he goes. But one fateful day, Steve had to go with a friend to help him out, leaving Daisy behind in their boathouse. Then a storm strikes the area.

Feared lost

When Steve finally was able to go back to the docks, his worst fears were confirmed. His boat sunk, leaving only the mast sticking out of the water. He wasn’t able to save anything, losing everything he owned, including his best friend, Daisy. Or so he thought. Steve was distraught. Daisy was his constant companion, she was her family, and now, she was token by the storm.

What Steve didn’t know was that Daisy jumped off the boat when it sunk, braved the stormy waters, and swam a mile and a half to shore. From there, he went to the church where she and Steve would go for free meals every now and then. Daisy looked for a spot where she could curl up and get warm while waiting for someone to get her.

One night after the storm, Steve went to the church to get a meal, there the pastor went to Steve and asked if he’s dog’s name is Daisy. When he said yes, the pastor said that they might have his dog. When the two were brought together, they were both so happy. Steve had buckets of tears, realizing that his beloved pet is alive. See their story in the video below.

Source: KPIX CBS SF Bay Area via Youtube


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