A family is meant to be together, and that’s why these rescuers make sure that they don’t leave the mom behind. A group of rescuers were giving a mom dog treats and knew that she has a litter of puppies somewhere in the woods.

When she was finished eating, true enough, the rescuers followed her and saw a puppy that was stuck in a hole. The rescuers immediately took out the poor thing and put her in their jeep. When she was safe, they looked for the other puppies.

The puppies were scattered and were very good at maneuvering their way in the woods that it took a while for the rescuers to get all of them. Eventually, they were able to transport all four puppies to their jeep safely. When it was time to save the mother dog, they noticed that she was with another adult dog.

At first, the rescuers thought that it was the dad but turns out, and it was also female. Since it was getting dark and both dogs were smart enough to avoid them, the rescuers decided to come back for them the next day. The next day, they set up a trap where the other dog took the bait.

The mom, however, was too smart to avoid any traps that the rescue team has set up. The team tried for a couple of days and was still unsuccessful. They know that they could now leave the mom behind.

She needs a warm bed, and her puppies still needed her. So the team changed their strategy and set up a trap with blankets that have her kid’s scent. And that did the job. The fact that she went in thinking about her puppies is heartwarming.

Now, the whole family is safely together.

Source Stray Rescue of St.Louis Official via YouTube


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