When you decided to adopt a dog, you probably already are financially prepared. Dogs like to play and buying a dog toy is like buying a melting popsicle, your pup will just gnaw away at it until it is totally destroyed.

This will then prompt you to pull out your wallet and buy a new one for them to have fun with – until it gets obliterated. You want to save money, and we are here to help. You can make these dog toys at home with little to no cost. You can even use old and unused items you can find at home.

There are many benefits in opting for home-made dog toys instead of buying them again and again from pet stores. It saves you money, it makes your pooch happy, and it stimulates your creativity. Let’s look at this list of dog toys you can make at home.

Braided dish towels

Just look for old dish towels at home and braid them together. This will be perfect as a tugging toy or for your pup to gnaw on.

A cereal box with treats inside

This toy, however, is supposed to be destroyed. But it can provide your pup with tons of fun and will help him use his energy. It can even satisfy his desire to chomp on something. Just find an old cereal box at home, put doggie treats inside, and tape the box shut.

When you present the box, shake it a little bit and let them hear the treat inside so that they will know that they need to find a way to open it.

Muffin tray and tennis ball puzzle

As the header suggests, you will need a muffin tray and some tennis balls. Hide some doggy treats randomly in the muffin tray and cover them with tennis balls. Then watch your furry friend play around with the balls and be surprised to find treats underneath.

Once he realizes that there are treats hidden below the tennis balls, he will continue to search for them one by one. This will help stimulate his intelligence and entertain him at the same time.

Old sock with a water bottle inside

Just make sure that the old socks are clean. Put a water bottle inside and voila! Watch your pup enjoy it as the plastic water bottle inside the toy makes a noise every time he gnaws at it. It will help entertain him and help save your furniture from destruction.

Fleece chew toy

Gather some of your old fleece garments that you no longer need. Cut them into strips and bind them all together like a puffball. However, this is not suited for pups who chew a lot or are strong chewers.

A simple milk jug

Your creativity wouldn’t be required for this toy. Just hand them an old milk jug and let them enjoy this. Just supervise them and make sure the jug will not break. If it breaks apart, it could lead to ingestion of plastic shards.

Tug toy from old jeans

Whip out those old jeans that you don’t fit into anymore and cut some strips. Just like the fleece toy, bind them together and hand it over to your pooch. The jeans will be tough, so it will make for a very durable toy.


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