Cate Battles and her husband, Chad, took their goat, Frankie, and a senior dog, Maggie, out for a hike to Rainie Falls when Frankie suddenly began freaking out. Frankie started spitting, warning his family that there was a threat near them.

It turns out that Frankie saw a big black mama bear together with its two cubs just walking along the side of a river that was right across their location. Catie could not help but gush at how Frankie saw something that they did not notice, and how excellent of a guard goat that she is.

Goat And Senior Dog Are The Best Adventure Buddies

This senior dog and goat LOVE hiking together 💚

Posted by Odd Couples on Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Catie shared that Maggie used to be their guard dog, but she lost her hearing as she aged. Now, Frankie took Maggie’s role as the family’s official guard goat.

Catie shared that Frankie alerts Maggie whenever something is about to happen. Frankie is doing an excellent job of being the family’s newest protector.

Catie said that she and her husband felt somewhat concerned that Frankie might not like traveling inside a car, but it turns out that Frankie loved every bit of it. Frankie and Maggie sat at the back of their SUV, and are the perfect companions to their little adventures.

Catie recalled that Frankie and Maggie loved sleeping during the ride, and looking out at the window to enjoy the view. Catie said that her two fur babies are inseparable, and liked being within each other’s proximity.

Frankie and Maggie loved eating and doing the same things together. Catie shared that the two animals have seen approximately 40,000 miles of the beautiful places that their country has to offer.

Catie shared that Maggie must have taught Frankie how to be a dog Frankie has some personalities of a dog, and that is snuggling in bed and cuddling all day. Thanks to Maggie, Frankie is the perfect guard goat that their family never thought they needed.

Source: Odd Couples via Facebook


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