One of the memorable moments of a wedding is when the bride goes onto the dance floor and busts a move with those who are special to her. In Sara Devine’s case, one special someone she had a dance with during her reception was her doggie Hero.

A special bond

It was clear to everyone watching America’s Got Talent Season 12 that Sarah and her Border Collie named Hero had a special bond. The two of them were seamless in their dance routines, getting them all the way up to the top five of the competition.

This is why when Sara got married, it wasn’t a question that the two of them would perform a special dance during their reception. The duo danced to the hit 80’s song “Footloose,” and their video, shared on Facebook, reached up almost ten million views! They were so adorable and energetic that they made it easy for those who watched it enjoy.

The talents of this Border Collie is simply awe-inspiring. The way he can move and shake like that is something you don’t often see outside those pooches who join in dog competitions.

Not just your ordinary dance

Sara and Hero’s dance performance was so good that you would think they were doing a dress rehearsal for a bigger audience. The seven-year-old pooch showcased his talents with all the swoops and loops that he was doing. There was even one part where the doggie jumped in between his mom’s arms that were linked together!

The two were so cute as they went through their dance routine, with both of them simply beaming as they moved in sync with each other. This talented doggie showcased all the tricks that he has – which is a lot! This pooch can perform up to forty-nine tricks in just one minute! Check out their wedding dance routine here:

Source: Youtube | The Super Collies


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