A group of rescuers in China found a mangy dog. He was hairless and looked horrible. One can tell that he has a lot of health issues just by looking at him.

Being hairless made the dog more vulnerable to the cold. This dog was shivering. The rescuers immediately covered him in a blanket and brought him to the vet.

When the medical staff in the clinic saw him, they immediately administered IV fluids. They would have to deal with his condition later. The most critical part was for him to get through twenty-four hours.

He did. The bulldog named Kennedy received treatments for his skin the very next day. In about a month, he was then flown to the US from China.

A woman named Jessica lost one of her bulldogs named George about a year ago. She knew that it was time to get another one and give her other dog, Franklin, a companion.

Jessica also believes that fostering is the best way to mend a broken heart when it comes to losing a canine. She took Kennedy in and foster failed. Jessica ended up adopting Kennedy.

Kennedy fell in love with Jessica’s family. It was also good that he got along with his dog sibling, Franklin. The two are inseparable!

Kennedy loves being with his brother that he would always go where Franklin goes. Kennedy looks up to Franklin, that’s why he does not get tired of following his brother.

Kennedy is also very gentle with his human sister, Lincoln. The two enjoy playing tug of war with a bone.

Kennedy is very gentle with Lincoln, and Jessica appreciates that very much. She is grateful that Kennedy knows not to play rough with Lincoln.

Jessica is grateful that they foster failed because Kennedy fits their family perfectly. He has been an amazing addition to their household. It’s amazing how a dog could be so happy even after going through something traumatic.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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