Matthew Kropp is a US Army veteran that has served in Iraq for many years. His duty was to protect the American Embassy and to prevent any attacks from happening. Right by his side all through the years was his loyal K9 partner, a German Shepherd named Tina. Together they would check for explosives and any other weapons and prevent them from going inside the embassy.

In December 2017, due to her advanced age, Tina was put into retirement. The dog had to return to the US, while Matthew stayed for his service. During their time apart, Matthew realized how much the dog meant to him. He missed Tina and would always wonder how his beloved partner was doing.

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The best present ever

Barely a year after the two got separated, Matthew had a chance to go home to his family for the holidays. Before even getting stateside, Matthew already made plans to look for Tina. He made many attempts to look for the dog, and his search led him to an organization named K9 Hero Haven.

K9 Hero Haven adopts and finds homes for retired military dogs. Established in 2015, the organization has collected more than 200 military dogs. Matthew reached out to them and told them his story. Soon enough, a reunion was organized.

Back in his hometown in Shenandoah, Matthew nervously awaited the arrival of Tina. When a live news crew asked him his expectations, Matthew said that he is really hoping that Tina would still remember him. The two have been apart for more than a year, and he is not sure whether the dog he worked with for years would recognize him still.

Apparently, he had nothing to worry about. As soon as Tina saw him, the dog rushed to his side. Tina stood up and tried to lick his face several times. Happiness was evident in both their faces. Matthew couldn’t help but hug Tina and give her lots of belly rubs.

Matthew is not going to let Tina go away again. He is formally adopting her, and his family couldn’t be any happier. Matthew has to go back to Iraq to continue his service. In the meantime, Tina will be staying with Matthew’s wife and his two kids. Please click the link below for the video.

Source: DIAMOND TV via Youtube


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