If you’re a first-time dog owner and would like a dog that would get along well with your family and kids, you might want to consider bringing home a golden retriever. These dogs belong to a gentle breed, and they are brilliant, too. Golden retrievers are not the aggressive kind, and could quickly get along with other people and pets. They are very much reliable as watchdogs – so with a golden retriever watching over your home, you will be at ease and not worry too much about potential intruders.

Just a reminder though, owning dogs require responsibility. Even with a smart dog such a golden retriever, you will have to consider its needs. Although most golden retrievers are well-mannered and sweet when it comes to humans, they don’t quite enjoy spending day after day lounging on the couch. Unfortunately, too much cuddling with their humans might turn out to be a tedious activity later on. You should know by now that golden retrievers love outdoor activities, mainly playing out in the fields – even in the backyard.

But don’t fret. Accompanying your new golden retriever to play outdoors may sound like a chore, but you will surely change your mind, once you see how happy he would be playing out in the field. To give you an idea on how adorable these dogs could be, we have attached a video below of a golden retriever playing out in the snow for the first time:

What you have just watched is the video of a golden retriever named Buddy. His human decided to take a video of him to remind him how happy his dog was when he was first out on the snow. We bet, your first dog will be as delighted as Buddy is in the video.

Source ofthebunnies via Youtube



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