Dogs and cats are mortal enemies – we all know that this doesn’t apply to all canines and felines. There have been several internet videos of dogs and cats cuddling with each other like it’s no big deal at all. But of course, there is still a healthy portion of the canine population who despise felines, and vice versa. We can’t blame them at all – it’s not their very nature to befriend each other.

Beck, a German Shepherd, didn’t know how to react when his family brought home a kitten one day. He seemed unhappy when the cute creature came along. But like most dogs, Beck had shown some curiosity on the little guy and decided to watch him with fascination on the following days.

The tiny kitten, whose name is Bleu, is as curious as he is. Bleu follows the large dog as well – until there came a time when the two animals began to confront each other with a little animal fight – and this persisted over the next few weeks. Seeing the constant conflicts between the two animals, Beck and Bleu’s family didn’t expect much from the two – the kitten and the dog may not be the friendliest types.

But of course, the family’s assumptions were wrong, Beck and Bleu’s fights, and play fights helped the two animals realize that they have only been wanting to play with each other all along. And since then, the unusual duo forged their friendship and became inseparable.

Bleu and Beck may not have been the best of friends from the very beginning, but they have grown and established a strong bond with each other. Don’t get us wrong. They may be inseparable, but they still fight with each other. Nonetheless, you’re in it for a treat, because here’s a cute video of the duo:

Source OldManStino via Youtube


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